Help, Is it in my scope of Practice?

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I just passed my NCLEX and got my license in the mail. I am not working yet. I have a friend who owns a small company of about 10 workers. He has the flu shots but no one to administer them. Now, I called the Texas Board of Nursing to ask if it is within my scope of practice (because although I've done it at the hospitals and at clinicals) I've never done them without another nurse's supervision. I feel comfortable doing them but I don't know if i need a doctor there, or have them sign anything?

Does anyone know?

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Curious to know who wrote the Rx for the vaccine and the syringes? It certainly should be within your scope, I would make sure that you print VIS form Vaccine Information Statement: Inactivated Influenza - Vaccines - CDC and have them read, fill out and sign a release form. It will address current health, previous reaction, allergies to eggs etc. Will he have the appropriate sharps container for disposal?



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Definitely have them sign the form. Even when we nurses give them to each other (the hospital provides the shots to our unit as a timesaver and courtesy) we still sign the whole consent form.



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You need to have epinephrine on hand in case of an anaphylactic reaction.