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Dear Nurse Beth,

What kind of nursing for RN with weak time management skills.
I am a second career nurse with 2yr MedSurg, 1yr Cardiac Stepdown and 6 months training in Pediatric ICU.

It seems I'm failing at floor nursing because of my weak time management skills and/or I have a Learning Disability (NOS). IDK how I managed at my 2 years of MedSurg with no disciplinary action, but at my new hospital for the past year and a half, I have struggled with avoiding disciplinary actions.

I have had some med errors, that I did not get written up for, but I was forced off the PICU, I liked it but my training was kind of stalled because there were not many patients with higher acuity and it was hard for me to remember everything that I just did once or twice a month or two ago. I do good with just one patient, but managing multiple patient critical time tasks is difficult for me. Also, sometimes I get wrapped up in the details of things and probably don't delegate as much as I should. My bedside manner is great, and technical nursing skills are good. I really liked working with kids too. Since I'm second career, it kind of sucks to be close to 50 years old and not good at anything so far, and I kind of loath having to start something new every 6 months to a year. I need some kind of nursing thing that relies on my strong skills much more and not so much on my weaker skills. I was thinking maybe Home health, cause I do better if I have lists and schedules. Any advice? Thank you!

Dear Struggled,

Home Health might be a very good fit for you because you can focus on one task at a time, and you have a great bedside manner. You have a good background with 2 years of Medsurg and 1 year of Cardiac Stepdown.

Since you love kids, you might consider school nursing. The school nursing forum here on allnurses is really an inspiring community, you would have a great support group.

Don't be too hard on yourself, it's a matter of finding your niche where your skills can shine.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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