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Ok I'm not a spring chicken, old enough to remember who the smurfs were, so I don't have alot of time to waste. I am taking the Nclex on June 12th and I am so freaked out I can't keep my mind on the study material. I am using ATI testing, and the Saunders Ncles RN exam book. But I am only 2/3 rds through and only two days left. Did I mention I am FREAKING OUT. I didn't study for two hours a day. I studied when i had time. Family, house, life it all has a way of getting really mad when you put it on the backburner for three years while your in nursing school then all of s sudden POW! No scheduled classes no clinicals no nothing just time to catch up and study. I just would like to know if there is someone out there who didn't study every day for hours and hours that still managed to pass this dreaded test!!!! By the way I graduated in March 09. Thanks for your time.


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Me! Well I'm not sure I passed just yet, but according to the "trick" on the pearson vue site, I did.

I graduated May 8th and for me life was getting in the way - 2 kids and a "grown" kid AKA my significant other, plus I have a full-time job. It wasn't looking like life was going to allow more study time, so I just moved my test date up, because I was tired of the stress, and ready for my life to be mine again. Plus I felt like I could do it. I only did between 75-100 questions a day, for about 3 weeks. Then I made a list of content to review based on things I saw repeatedly in the questions. Reviewed that stuff lightly on monday and tuesday and tested today.

By the way I remember the smurfs too!


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It can be done, really.

About 3 weeks ago I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. At the same time I am studying to take the Bar exam at the end of July (I just graduated from law school last month). And no -- I am no "spring chicken" either -- I am 57. But I found it helpful to use the CD from Saunders, and go over 50-100 questions per day. I also found it helpful to not only review why the correct answer WAS correct, but to also look closely at why the wrong answers were wrong. Eliminating wrong answers is, I think, just as essential to passing the test as is picking out the right answer.


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Concentrate on your relaxation techniques today and good luck tomorrow!

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