HELP! I passed boards now what!


I have applied for so many jobs, all over my surrounding area ( Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area). How long until I should be getting call backs?? Should I be looking to relocate? What should I do besides filling out online apps? I have tried calling HR departments and that has basically gotten me nowhere. I'm very discouraged, any advice?:crying2:


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Be willing to work any where, for what ever pay, and relocate any where if you want an RN job welcome to the club, nice nursing shortage, huh :):)


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Congrats on passing!! I would make up a packets that include your resume, cover letter, business cards, etc (i.e. a nursing portfolio) and show up in person everywhere (dress, hair, makeup immaculate) to pass them out. Maybe you'll get lucky and get an interview on the spot. Good luck in your search!


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Congrats, nursing shortage right now so if you find any and wiling to move, go for it. Good Luck

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You might have to expand your search. Apply at nursing homes and long term acute care hospitals (LTACHs).

The job market in IL is pathetic to say the least. It might be better in a neighboring state but by expanding your search, you might be able to pick up a job in Chicago at someplace other a hospital and then later move into a hospital. Good luck.

I am totally with you. I graduated in May and received my license two weeks ago and I still have not found a job. I haven't even gotten a call for an interview. I would try applying in person to nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities. Best of luck!


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I am usually successful in getting hired on the spot when I go in person prepared to fill out an application and interview.