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Help I need nursing school alternatives in south florida, besides MDC!!!!

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Need help!! Anybody with advice or suggestions since I am currently trying to find & do research on some schools that have high passing rates for the NCLEX or are potentially good nursing schools or colleges in Florida preferably south Florida..

So I can see where I can also do my nursing degree besides Miami Dade College. I'm trying to keep my options open before finishing my Pre-reqs so I don't do the waiting game on one option.

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Following! I am moving to Fl soon and trying to figure out where I can go to school. I am currently in TX and just applied to a RN program here. If I don't get in we are moving to FL...

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It depends largely on whether you were looking into getting an ADN or BSN. In South Florida, the only ADN programs I know (that aren't from for-profit/degree mill type schools) are MDC and Broward CC. If you browse the Florida forum, BCC seems to be a shaky program right now.

As for BSNs, you have a bit more variety...

Barry University ---------------------------- 72.82% 2013, 84.18% 2012 NCLEX-RN Pass Rate (Private Non-Profit, Catholic)

Florida International University -------------- 89.14% 2013, 94.62% 2012 NCLEX-RN Pass Rate (Public)

University of Miami ------------------------- 95.77% 2013, 98.33% 2012 NCLEX-RN Pass Rate (Private Non-Profit)

Nova Southeastern University -------------- 88.76% 2013, 90.28% 2012 NCLEX-RN Pass Rate (Private Non-Profit)

Florida Atlantic University ------------------ 93.33% 2013, 92.11% 2012 NCLEX-RN Pass Rate (Public)

Barry, FIU, and UM are in Miami-Dade county, Nova is in Broward county, and FAU is in Palm Beach county. I'm not certain if they all have campuses in other areas, but I know some of them do. They're reputable schools with solid pass rates and all are accredited by the Florida BON.

From here, you'll have to compare prices and where you'd be willing to commute to from where you live. Definitely research about where the nursing programs are, because if-- let's say-- you live in South Miami, UM is very close and FIU is doable but also Nova has a campus in Kendall (not far from So. Miami). However, you'd need to determine whether nursing is taught at that campus (otherwise you'd sign up and end up trekking to Davie, a 45 minute drive not including traffic).

Hope this helps.

Also, here's the Florida nursing board, and a few threads on the above schools...

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(No good threads on UM though, odd...)


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Thank you so much 👏😃

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FGCU! In SW FL has a 99% pass rate :)

I graduate in December! :)