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HELP! I need advice with some direction..

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Hi I'm a BS Nursing grad back in 2003 in the Philippines...

I Just got here In U.S.A last Sept 2007 got married and now have Legal documents to work anywhere issues by Department of Homeland Security.

Back in the Philippines a never had any exposure in the hospital after i finished studying so that means i don't have any experience at all.

I really want to go back on track with my career as a nurse.

Question is, what will be the best thing to do to get started.

I've been trying to apply for any kind of job inside hospital or any clinic but having a hard time.

I don't have plan to take the State board yet, i want to have an exposure to any clinical set-up to refresh up.

What kind of position or job title i will look for when i apply for a job.

I'm located here in Louisville, Kentucky. Dunno exactly my chances here.

Please Advice, I will highly appreciate it.


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To be honest I thin you are going to find it hard to find a job in the hospital setting which will help you. I think the best thing to do is get started with the process of licensure with your state BON as it will take a while as you need to follow requirements for foreign trained nurse.

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Work on getting your license.

Jobs you might qualify would be things like a Patient Care Tech/Nursing Assistance.

Good luck.

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