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Like many schools mine had the 80 average or above to graduate and be able to sit for the NCLEX. I missed the cutoff by 0.9. This was an ADN program at a local community college.

Here's where I am even more at a loss. Since I technically passed the class and completed the program but didn't meet the grade, I graduated with an Associates in Applied Science.

The class that I messed up in was NUR 213, any suggestions? Advice?

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What are your options?

Have you talked to your adviser?

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You need to request a meeting with your nursing advisor ASAP and find out about applying to be accepted next semester to repeat that class. Almost all nursing schools have a test average (usually 80%) that is separate from the class grade. Be proactive, seek help from instructors about how to be successful the second time through the class.

This is a blip in the course of your career, if you treat it like a learning experience.

Best of luck!

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I am going to have to echo some of the above. You need to get touch with your program/school adviser asap. I suspect that it's actually relatively rare for a program to allow a student to complete a program and yet be unable to take the NCLEX without having some kind of pathway to allow the student to earn a way to taking the NCLEX. At my program, if you completed the program and met all graduation requirements and you graduated, you were OK to take the NCLEX as far as the school was concerned. There was no way you could complete the nursing program and graduate if you had not met all graduation requirements or if you had not yet met all program completion requirements. Some of my classmates did complete the program but had a couple of courses yet to take for GE before they could petition to graduate, but once those courses were completed, the college allowed them to graduate and that set them up for taking the NCLEX.

Of note though, we didn't have a setup where you had to both pass the program and pass with a certain grade that was higher than passing in order for the program to endorse a student to take the NCLEX.

See what your options are and go from there :( Best wishes

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