HELP... I just found out I FAILED the NCLEX for the 3rd time. I need advice !!!!!!!

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I just found out today that I failed for the 3rd time. Yes, I am very frustrated but I WILL NOT give up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should study different this time??? I have used all different types of NCLEX study guides. I really thought I was prepared this time. I have read on this site about a book about Prioritizing/Delegation.... does anyone recall the title of this book? I have friends that said that Kaplan didnt really help them in preparation for the test. What are your opinions on this?? Thank you for all your suggestions.

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Take the HURST Review. They state a 98% pass rate. I just passed with 75 questions taking it.


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Specifically, how did you study these last three times? How many questions did you do a day? What were your weak spots? What resources did you use? Did you chant, ' I WILL PASS THE NCLEX' even if you didn't believe it?

I know you know these things but these are things to know:

- Nursing Process

- Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

- ABC's

- Lab values

- Positioning

- What you're weak spots are

- MEDS!!!!!! (ACE, Beta Blockers, CCB's, Fluoroquinolones, Antimetabolites, etc.)

- Psych: pick most therapeutic thing to do, even if you wouldn't do it in real world


If you feel things are starting to click while you are studying for the exam, you are on the right track.

This is what I did:

  • I studied for 6 weeks, 5 days a week.
  • Did 200 q's/day and on 5th day I reviewed my notes & notecards from the things I missed.
  • Studied from NCLEX 4000, Saunders, and Kaplan Q trainer.
  • Did a total of 4800+ q's for those 6 weeks.
  • Had Loretta Manning books and studied Saunders during my senior year.
  • Also did HESI in school (about 1500-2000 q's) and performed HORRID on the entrance and exit exam, yet passed NCLEX.
  • I knew a TON of med categories
  • Cardiac, Neuro, & Liver --> were my weak areas, but became my strongest

They say to do over 3000 q's ALL together in order to pass NCLEX, but this depends on the person.

Keep being persistent! You're going to be one of those great nurses that takes NOTHING for granted :up:

Any other questions, feel free to ask. Let me know what happens!!

How many hours per day are you sitting down with no interruptions and studying test questions? Have you taken the Kaplan review. The one where you go to a classroom?

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