Help - I failed HESI 2a exam

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I need help, i failed ny hesi 2a exam, i passed the english but the math kind of through me off, am so stressed out about taking it again. Pls help. And are the questions going be like the first time i took it. I also have the hesi 3rd edition book, am really studing hard and if you have any other things i could study pls that would be very helpful. Thank u

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I also failed my HESI A2 exam so don't feel like you are the only one! I feel like everyone around me passed it except me! Haha but I am rescheduled to take mine again July 23rd and I have a feeling the math is going to probably be the same kind of questions like fractions, ratios, metric conversions.

For everything else I'm really not sure how it is going to lay out! I heard that the question style is the same (but that isn't helping me much) because I didn't do to well in my A&P either!

But math is always an absolute answer! So there is only one way of getting the right answer which is a good thing! Just study the math really well understand those three parts the most and I'm sure you will pass with flying colors!

Good luck!! I'll be taking the HESI my 2nd time around as well and I'm just as nervous! :)


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I failed too and now I'm scared to retake it. I'm afraid I won't be prepared enough. Math is also what killed me. Those darn fractions! I just got another book to study with but I am still nervous. I wish they had like a hesi review class or something haha


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I just wrote a post on my experience with the HESI A2, you should check it out if you get the chance :) I struggled with math all throughout middle school, high school, & the first year of college, yet I scored a 96% on the math section of the HESI on the first try. For some free tips and teaching, I suggest YouTube videos that are geared towards middle school kids-- it sounds silly, but these videos are very basic & taught me EXACTLY how to do conversions, fractions, etc. Finding the "least common denominator" & the "greatest common factor" was the worst for me, but YouTube has great videos on it!

Hope that helps,



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I failed mine too and am retaking it on the 30th of July! The math and anatomy were my 2 worst subjects. :( Good Luck!