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I'm a prenursing student who plans to apply for Chamberlain college of nursing in Atlanta. I am currently studying for the HESI and I'm realizing I have no idea how to study. When it comes to English, math, etc. it's just mainly common sense or repetition for me. But when it comes to science and even possibly nursing classes I'm just drawing a blank and nothing is helping even flash cards aren't working. I do know that I'm a kinesthetic learner but I just feel like I don't know what to do or where to start and I have to pass this test and do good in nursing school.

Has anyone gone through this and/or have any suggestions? Please help!

Hi there. I graduated nursing school about 6 months ago. I did very well in school because I was a great studier, not because I was smart. I recommend reading and taking hand written notes as you read in pretty colored pens. Draw diagrams too. Make charts. This is proven to help you remember information. I then recommend using case studies to help you apply the info you just read. Nursing isn't about memorizing lists or facts. It's about understanding the principles and concepts so you can apply them in all situations. Good luck to you

Thank you I will definitely try this.

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I'm actually a student there but different campus. I over-studied for that entrance exam (HESI) and passed easily with a high score. I retook it again just to get a better score than the first because why not, you paid and have two chances. I'm sure you read that HESI is your standard English, Reading, Math (basic algebra) and Anatomy and Physiology. I cannot remember if there were chem questions but I think there were basic bio. Don't quote me on this!! Just grab a HESI workbook and review that and review your A&P.

As for nursing school, once you are in, the best way to get through it is what you've mentioned: effective studying. Some people barely have to study or read lol But for every class it depends on the professor, so you'll have to adjust accordingly in terms of what to "focus" on. Some teachers are terrible in lecture but pull questions strictly from the textbook where you MUST read word for word to do well. Some teachers are great lecturers and make their own power-points and you'll have to study from that. Some don't give any hints at all.

In school you'll be using ATI and with that, there are ebooks online that can aid in studying your material along with practice tests. I suggest you get familiar with that once you hear about it in school and look up Cathy Parkes on Youtube if you don't have time to read. You'll be required to take Proctored exams starting in Funds or Adult Health until graduation. With ATI, it's basically learning how they test you.

And each class, you'll be required to take med calc exams pass/fail. They're pretty easy. Practice exams are offered with that that'll help you gage what the questions will be like.

Anyways, if your head is in the right place, you remain positive and do not neglect your body in the process, you should be fine. Studying will change per class sometimes but only you will know what works best. Make sure to really understand your pathophysiology and compensatory mechanisms - that will get you far. Oh and stay away from negative gossipy people in class!

Good luck!

Thank you so much I will definitely do this. This was super helpful!

Oh and stay away from negative gossipy people in class!

Good luck!

Not going to lie - this is probably one of the best things you can do to enhance your college experience.

As others have said, be an active reader! Try the SQ3R method (SQ3R - Wikipedia) or even Cornell Notes.... or make up your own style! The biggest thing here isn't to copy the textbook as you read, but make the material your own, and make it concise. Aim to understand the information instead of just memorizing it and you'll do really well!

From what I noticed with math, it is learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide large numbers, decimals and fractions. Looking for content online is a great practice. E-books offer a very good deal.

HESI and ATI write their own books on the format of their own exams.

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