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Hello, I'm a Registered Nurse with my ASN. I am looking to work remotely. Last year, I lost my sister to cancer. My husband and I help her husband care for her two young kids, during summers and holiday breaks, as her husband is unable to retire.

With my four kids of my own, I'm looking for a career where I have the option to get up early and work a few hours before I take my kids to school. Once the kiddos are in school, I have a few hours of complete quiet to further work. I have found positions such as "Utilization Review Nurses" and similar jobs, but all require some experience in that exact position.

I just cannot find a starting point. I have been looking into different certifications, but again, I'm just not sure where to start. I'm extremely hard working and very organized. I'm hoping to find something in the next few weeks. I would be grateful for any direction or advice. Thank you!

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your sister, and it's commendable that you're looking for a career change that allows for more flexibility to help your family.

Here's the thing. I know you need something immediately, but transitioning to a non-bedside, remote position often requires a Bachelor's degree. The best long-term investment you can make for your career is to get your Bachelor's degree in nursing.

I know it's frustrating to compete against nurses with Bachelor's degrees, but a Bachelor's degree will often trump your work ethic and organizational soft skills.


Regarding certifications, it's important to understand that experience comes before expertise. Some people believe they can earn a certification without working in the field or specialty, but that's not how it typically works. To become an expert, you must first gain experience and then earn your specialty certification. Without experience, you cannot be considered an expert.

Given your background as a Registered Nurse with an ASN, you could explore several remote opportunities. Register on or another Job Search platform with a filter set at "remote." Here are some potential directions:

Telehealth Nursing 

Explore opportunities with telehealth companies or healthcare providers that offer remote nursing services. Many companies are expanding their telehealth services, and your nursing skills would be valuable in providing remote patient care.

Case Management

Look into remote case management positions where your organizational and nursing skills can be utilized to coordinate patient care. Case managers often work closely with patients and healthcare providers to ensure effective and efficient care delivery.

Health Informatics 

Given your interest in Utilization Review, consider exploring roles in health informatics. Health informatics requires you to analyze and manage healthcare data, contributing to improving patient care processes.

Remote Nursing Education 

Leverage your experience to explore remote teaching or educational roles in nursing. Online nursing education platforms or universities may offer instructors or curriculum developers opportunities.

Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies hire remote nurses for case management or utilization review roles. Your clinical background would assist in assessing and coordinating healthcare services for insurance purposes.

Remote Clinical Research

If you have a research interest, consider remote clinical research positions. Clinical research coordinators often work remotely to manage and coordinate clinical trials.

When applying for positions, emphasize your nursing experience, organizational skills, and your ability to adapt to remote work. Online and offline networking within the nursing community can also help you discover potential opportunities. Websites like LinkedIn or professional nursing forums can be valuable resources.

I hope this provides some direction, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a fulfilling remote nursing career that suits your needs.  

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

Hi there!  Getting started in a remote nursing career can feel overwhelming, but there are some strategies to landing these jobs without prior experience, and it starts with your resume.  There are lots of companies willing to train nurses for UM/your roles but you need to tailor your resume with the transferable job skills they are seeking for these roles. I see many willing to accept an associate's degree, so a BSN is not always necessary.   Hope this helps!