HELP...How do i pass health assessment?


I study, study, study and cannot seem to get a passing grade on the health assessment tests. I need to know some tips on how to get through this class in case I may have to take it again, this class is the only class I am having problems with and really need some help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:uhoh3:


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Perhaps you can try one of those books, "Health Assessments for Dummies". I bought this book just for the information and it was really helpful. It is written in very easy-to-understand terms so that just about anyone would be able to use it to do health assessments. You mention that you are having trouble passing this 'class'. Health assessment is a CLASS for you? Wow, that's strange because we only had one test in health assessment in which we had 20 minutes to do a head-to-toe assessment as an instructor looked on. As we went along, we were required to do a few pages of required procedures. We passed if we got 80% of the required steps correctly and this is without any prompting or responses from the instructor. Other than that, I did not even know that this was a complete class.

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hard to give you suggestions or advice when you don't describe what kind of problems you are having. there's a lot of different things going on with an assessment course that you have to know as well as demonstrate. there is a sticky thread on the nursing student assistance forum that has all kinds of weblinks to sites on assessment resources - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms


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Jarvis has a manual (that goes along with the textbook on Assessment), and for each

chapter (and system) in addition to the review vocabulary, questions, and practice test, there are also Assessment Forms for use with patients.


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Lilyteen, health assessment is a course (by itself) for some BSN programs.


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I'm sorry this is a full semester class for us and we have five test a final and a head to toe assessment, that we are given 1 hour to do. I got a 95 on the head to toe and do well on the quizzes but for whatever reason I am having issues with the actual written tests. The teacher gives no good lectures or study guide so it is hard to determine what will be put on the tests. I just feel like my studying has been in vein because I cannot seem to get above a 72 on these written tests and we need a 75 to pass. The final is the only test left and it is 100 questions comprehensive I am just trying to figure out how to do well on it since it is my last chance to pass the class(that is if I can manage a 90 on the final).

P.s. She does not write her own questions, she uses a test bank


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How long until your final? If it's a test bank test, then go get and start working on the study guide written by your textbook's authors, go to the textbook's website and do every available question on it, and/or try one the "made incredible easy", "for dummies," etc. type of review books that has questions. It's a full semester class for us too, and I'm doing well, but I have a good instructor. We use Jarvis, but she writes her own questions. If you only have a day or two it might be too late for you though. Look at the chapter summaries or lists of key points for ideas of what to focus on too.


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thanks so much that helps alot btw my final is in9 days

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