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i need some dtr had a blood transfusioon in 85 and was dx with hep c last year....interferon was horrific and with no results.....does any one know of anything new that could help....

i need some dtr had a blood transfusioon in 85 and was dx with hep c last year....interferon was horrific and with no results.....does any one know of anything new that could help....

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Do you have any idea how Hep C affects the body? Milk thistle is NOT going to make it go away! That is dangerous information to give someone that is seeking help. If interferon treatments do not work, one should consider alternative medicine being researched from a reputable hospital, or begin a 2nd treatment of interferon, or consider a liver transplant. This is a serious, deadly disease, not treatable by herbs. You should be ashamed of yourself!


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And a liver transplant should be considered because......?


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That is a good question. A liver transplant would be consider if all other options have failed & the pt.'s liver has cirrhosis to the point of threatening pt.'s life. Hepatitis is an inflammatory disorder of the liver parenchyma occuring in hepatitis. Complications of failure of liver function may be portal hypertension, hepatic encephalopathy, or bleeding esophageal varices. At this point a liver transplant can change and save a person's life.

I would only consider Milk Thistle, as an example and part of a full-spectrum program to assist the person to build the immune system We are all in agreement that a person would be in an extreme system breakdown. There are many valid approaches. One valid approach is to focus on the disease process and cut it out/ do a transplant or treat a condition. Another is to assist the person to, as the Chinese would explain it, "learn the lesson the teacher (condition) has brought into your experience." When the lesson is understood, the body can be "healed", not "cured", according to the belief system of the person. These are two valid approaches to the same ends. I use products which are clinically tested and the results are published in professional trade journals that MDs and other professionals rely upon. My experience is that the body has remarkable healing power when a person takes full responsibility for their life and wellness. This can be a time-consuming, life - changing, and tremendous time/effort commitment. But, many have chosen that path. I could write a book on the miracle appearances that I have witnessed, where people have healed themselves. One of my doctor friends had liver cancer and was given 90 days to die. He changed his entire life, including giving up his practices. He continues to live with vitality 30 years later. I, personally, would not chose a liver transplant, but I deeply respect those would make that choice, IF a liver is available and they have the means to do it.


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I enjoyed reading your detailed answer regarding the holistic approach to diseases such as hep c. I am a beliver in alternative medicine and have used these options for years. For example accupunture has been a way for me to deal with stress or not feeling good. I also use chinese herbs called Yin Chiao which works wonders when my immune system feels down.

I have not heard of any holistic approach that has worked for chronic diseases such as hep c. Literature research done on this subject has not shown research proving that there is a cure by a holistic means that works. Please prove me wrong! This is one area that i would embrace being wrong because so many suffer from this disease.

You say you would not choose a liver transplant, would be choosing to die if you had advanced hep c. In this day and age, with advances in liver transplant, simply does not make sense at all.

Anyway lets just choose to disagree on this vast subject. If you come accross a valid study published, please pass the info on for others.


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Has she contacted any teaching hospitals? There may be clinical trials on some new drugs.

And did she take just interferon, or interferon in combination with ribiviron?

Hope she finds something that helps.

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