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Mario, I agree with you. But then I think how some of my coworkers LIVE at home and how messy, dirty, etc, their houses are, as well as their workplaces are -----well, consider the source!!!


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just a word of advice, if uncleanliness bothers you this much. when you become and RN, don't work in an ICU. because the very last thing that a nurse or doctor is worried about, during a code, is whether the syringe wrapper made it into the garbage.

forgive the nurses and doctors now, and make your decisions when you are an RN in the real world...

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Originally posted by hapeewendy

I was all prepared to make some brilliant comment about this topic, saying how I can understand many of the views and opinions posted here but after working 2 nights in a row short staffed with only four RN's on the ward I can hardly move....

so if my patients are all alive, and medicated, and comfortable then I'm calling it a success

if I've left a couple alcohol swabs, needle caps, syringe wrappers along my way I'm truly sorry.

behind by accident...........................

just when I thought I had lost all faith in some of my co workers it turns out I should thank them, for the most part I find our environment pretty tidy.....

Mario my buddy my pal I'm sure you have nothing but the purest of hearts and best intentions for all your patients and it shows......

I'm the same breath, speaking from my terrible write off of a shift , I say let he who has not left behind an alcohol swab or syringe wrapper cast the first stone....

I dont believe in excusing sloppy behaviour if its a frequent occurance but if anyone stopped me today to tell me about a syringe cap in one of my patients room (one of my 13 acute med/surg patients) then I would promptly tell them where they could shove said syringe cap :)

I'm just kidding, I think I made a point here somewhere .......maybe..... friend.......

Where have you been.........worth the repeat what you said.......

Where you been working on shifts from heckky and leaving alcohol swab packages behind.........

"terrible writeoff of shifts".......i have to remember that for the nights from heckky.........

somewhere, maybe.....


:cool: :cool: :cool:

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Originally posted by mario_ragucci


If I was a nurse, and very rushed, there would be two ways to go. One would be to start losing awareness and the other would be to remain aware. Being aware of what you are doing is fun. For me, always being aware comes natural, which is why becoming a nurse, and providing care, will be my pleasure. It's what some refer to as "spiritual."

Johnboy. (cling-ding-ding) [/b]

must be nice to not have to waste time and double check yourself because you know you are so aware ....Gives one additional opportunity for housekeeping chores..How comforting to know that one will never be guilty of making a mistake
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