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help with FNP online program ! RN with ADN and BS (not in nursing) !


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I was wanting to know if anyone out there knows about an online program for RN's with their 2 yr degree and a BS in another field....

I just got my packet from Froniter School of Nursing and their program seems pretty good... but after I read all the admission criteria I was thinking !!!! :uhoh21: Because I would have to take an advanced statistics course.... YIKES !!! what the heck would that involve ? I suck at that stuff !

Any other leads on other programs from anyone out there... ????

Thanks !

Stats is not that difficult even if you suck at math.

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I applied (and got accepted) to Frontier as a previously degreed student. Meaning I will start the MSN program using my previous degree and my ADN degree. I had to take Stats and Physical Assessment prior to enrollment. The Stats class was easy, took it thru U of U and with minimal effort - I made a very solid A. Stats isn't about math more than about how to apply theories and concepts with the occasional math problem thrown in there. If you can complete drug calculations - you can do the math required for Stats. U of U was great in the fact that the info was presented from the ground up. Understand the first few basic concepts, the rest of the class was easy. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't LIKE the class but it wasn't nearly as dreadful as I thought it would be either........

Stats is part of a master's program - so if your desire is to advance your degree - you will eventually take Stats whether it be before you enroll in your program or while you are enrolled in your program.

Good luck!!!


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I just took stats as part of the ADN-MSN bridge at Frontier. The instructor was fantastic and the course is very geared toward a basic understanding of stats-no hand calculations. Nearly every student gets an A. (And I am SO not a math person!) Shannon

Hi, I took graduate Stats through Missouri State University, its an all online course, I believe its PSY 527 (yes a psych course) but it is accepted for both BSn and MSN...Easy, aced the class and I too hate math!

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