help finding a website or information?


I'm trying to find a website or information about PCOS (polycystic ovarian disease). My doctor has just diagnosed me with it and I'm trying to get infomation on it. All of the websites I have found have to do with PCOS and infertility. My DH and I are finished having children so I don't need information on the infertility aspect.

I'm looking for treatment opitions (normal and alternative), meds, etc. If anyone could help stear me in the right directions on websites or books that would be great.



ps I'm not looking for medical advice here, just trying to find somewhere to find additional information than what my doctor has given me.:nuke:

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It always amazes me how I can come to this site and find people going through the same thing as me! I was diagnosed with PCOS last week. Unfortunately, I have the infertility problem that goes along with it. In addition to the above, I found this site helpful. It has good info, but is kinda a commercial for the doctor's book and products. I did order the diet book and love it, I started on the plan today. The diet is strict, but claims to be able to reverse PCOS and restore fertility. I am also taking chromium, which is thought to help the condition. I think there is a page about that one this site. Good luck!

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