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Help-Dyslexic 2nd yr student

Hey! Ive just been diagnosed as midly dyslexic.

However today, the disability officer said I had to go and see the Occupational health doctor, to see if he can say Im medically fit for practice.

But ive already nearly completed 2 years of the adult course.

Wot do I do?:uhoh3:


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From the way you worded your question I'd guess you are not in the US? What program are you in? Registered Nursing?

Is the disability officer the final authority? If so then you need to follow his/her advice. Have you had difficulty keeping up with your classes? What led you to being diagnosed?

Don't worry they won't find you unfit. If you have made it this far I assume you don't have problems reading. So I'm guessing you just have trouble spelling and writing.

Most dyslexic people are able to compensate for their disability. I'm severely dyslexic among other things but I'm a very good nurse and take very good care of my patients. I can't spell at all and my handwriting is bad. Charting is a challenge for me at times other then that it doesn't effect my ability to be a nurse. I have cheat sheet on the back of my badge with frequent words I can't spell. I just make sure that everything is legible and that I spell the important words correctly.

The area they may be most concerned with is med dosages. It is possible to transpose a number when you read or write it. So make sure you say it out loud and that you reread what you have written as well as writing down what you read.

I'm assuming that you also had an IQ test with your evaluation so I don't have to tell you that dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence. On my unit people ask me questions all the time because I keep current and have the ability to figure things out quickly.

Over the years I have come to think of it as less of a disability and more just a different way of processing information and thinking. We see things differently then most and this can actually be an asset in some situations. You just have to get used to people judging you on your spelling and handwriting. For some unknown reason people have come to equate intelligence with ones ability to write and spell. You and I know this isn't true.

I'm dyslexic too, I have problems with spelling, handwriting, and sometimes reading can be a pain, but I love to read. It just takes me a little longer but I'm able to do it. If your already in school for 2 years and haven't had any problems with it you should be fine. Dido on the spelling cheat sheets thats why I love PDAs.

Wow, not that many of us out there I guess??

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