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Help me decide between 2 jobs!

lschock lschock (New) New

I have 2 offers on the table- 1 is for the DON of a new facility offering 72,000/year and the other is the VA hospital but I have no idea how much they will offer me. Does anyone have a clue? I've been a Rn for 24 years and have my masters degree. Any idea on what grade and step ? Thank you!

CrunchRN, ADN, RN

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VA. Great benefits. The DON turnover is horrible if it is LTC.

Thank you so much! I don't know much about the va and won't know what I'll be making for at least a month yet but need to tell the other yes or no- does anyone have a clue about the pay at the VA - I have my masters degree and have 24 years experience-

Also the DON position is paying 72,000- would the VA be close? VA range for the job is 48,000-88,000- Process Improvement RN- thanks for any replies I don't know what to do!!!

jfratian, MSN, RN

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The VA benefits are going to be much better. Even if they pay you 50K, I bet the pension and healthcare more than makes up for it. Plus, I would suspect a director of nursing job would be a hell of a lot more stress.

VA time off is pretty good for RNs. You earn one vacation day every two weeks and one sick day every four weeks. You also get the federal holidays. With a Master's and 24 years of experience, I would thnk VA might be close or higher, but the boarding decisions vary greatly from facility to facility.

Ok so if I go to the VA- anyone have any tips about the boarding process?