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I am a new grad looking for my first nursing position. I have several offers, so finding the job isn't the difficult part. I have too many offers to consider!! A little background info: this is my second career, I found the love for nursing while caring for my ill mother, I have always wanted to do oncology, I worked at a respected cancer center while in school unfortunatly they do not hire new grads (they tell me now!!!) and this work cemented the want to work in oncology. Back to the offers...Two are rotational programs, work several floors until you find a fit for you; one is an offer on nuerosurgery floor with hopes for an opening in oncology in 6 mo, last is offer on an oncology floor. So it seems easy, right, just pick the last one BUT this hospital has an awful rep in town. Several nurses have left (rumor: 45 quit in one day), have spoken to a few who have left they say mangement sucks and mandatory 5 12's and lots of sour grapes. Recruiter says this is all nonsense. I did get a warm, fuzzy feeling while there, I really liked the nurse manager and everyone seems down to earth BUT she has only been there 8 weeks (maybe still in the honeymoon phase?) and they recruited her from another state. Can any seasoned nurses give me their opinion, do I take the one I want or am just crazy?



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I think you should try one of the rotation positions. What a great oppurtinity to find your niche. I too cared for my mom when she was dying of Ca which pushed me to go to nursing school. Naturally I first went to work on a oncology unit. I loved it, but it was very emotionally draining. Everything reminded of my mom. Did a lot of crying in the break room. Decided to try something new. Went to med/surg. loved it for a while., then got burned out. Went to ortho unit loved it. Not too much dying there. Soon grew bored, didn't feel "challenged". Went to home health. Very challenging. Not too much dying. Love it. I think I would have been much better off if I could have tried out a couple of units before making a commitment. Job hopping doesn't look too good on a resume. Good luck with your decision.

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