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Help with care plan!!

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So we just got assigned our first care plan/concept maker with a scenario and I am having a hard time coming up with the three part nursing diagnosis! We start clinicals next week so I am trying to figure this out! Any help will be appreciated

My scenario is a 45 year old male hospitalized for osteomyelitis is newly diagnosed with bone sarcoma. He is married with 3 children and he and his wife are in the process of adopting another child. The patient coaches little league softball team at the local elementary school. Amputation has been discussed.

I know disturbed body image could be one but what could I put for the r/t and aeb

She said be creative since we do not have a lot of info for these and I need three


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Usually we oldsters ask students for a bit of more of independent thinking about their assignments. But having said that, if you or I were just newly diagnosed with cancer, I don't think body image would be the only significant concern.

Given your scenario, I'd be thinking more about my mortality and future family planning.

Just my opinion...

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I can't see how you are supposed to have a 3 part NANDA without any info to back up the NANDA. But since she said be creative d/t lack of info...you always go with Maslow...ABC.

He has bone sarcoma...I think the issues with that trump body image. You said, 'I know disturbed body image could be one but what could I put for the r/t and aeb' and your answer is 'be creative' per the instructor :)

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There are tons of nursing diagnoses that work for this scenario. Think Maslow. Disturbed body image isn't the chief concern here. A few that come to my mind: Risk for pain, Infection, Risk for falls, spiritual distress, impaired family functioning, etc. good luck.