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Looks pretty good. Psych is not my area of practice.


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Thank you for your comment and help

I am horrible at goals for my patients. They have to be two short term goals, each with 3 measurable outcome criteria.

My patient: an 85 yr old woman who is very active in her home, church and community. She suffered a right factured femur and I have to do one psychosocial, I chose ineffective role performance.

My first goal is: p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Will verbalize understanding that physical symptoms interfere with role performance.


p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The patient and patients family will discover adaptive ways to keep the patient's independence.

I have no idea if these are just plain crap? are they realistic? is there something I'm missing that's more important to teach or have the patient attain? and how would I even measure these?

You seem to be the forum superstar and I would greatly appreciate any advice you have to give.

Thanks :)

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