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hey everyone! i am an rn -graduated in december and started at a rural hospital in med-surg. on my first day, i find out that an lvn is my preceptor.i don't have a superiority complex and i totally respect my preceptor. however, i was wondering if our scopes of practice are different why she would my preceptor?:confused:

and i found out that there is usually one rn scheduled and the rest are lvns. this scares me since i don't feel that as a new grad i should be the only rn on the floor.

also, i recieved a job offer from the va hospital in my area for a nursing home position. should i stick it out in the little hospital doing what i wanted or go to the va and hope to move to another positon later? lots of questions:eek:, but any advice will be appreciated!

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You will get plenty of opinions on this and it should make for an interesting thread. My two cents is that if you enjoy what you are doing, your co-workers and your schedule I wouldn't even consider leaving just because you are being precepted by a LPN. Do you know the differences in scopes of practice for your state? It may not even be all that different depending on your state and also your unit. I worked as a LPN and a RN at my facility and the only things I couldn't do as a LPN that I do as a RN are initiate a restraint order and sign for the initial assessment. What that boiled down to in the real world is that I did the above and just got a RN to sign off on it. I totally can understand your lack of comfort level if you are the only RN on the unit but if you are in a facility with other RNs and supervisors just in case things get hairy and your team of LPNs are as awesome as my team of LPNs I wouldn't have a problem with it. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Go to the VA.Better benefits and more opportunities for professional development. You need the support of experienced RNs to develop your skills.


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i work at the VA, is a great place to work, go to the VA.


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Based upon all that I've heard through the years, would have to advise you to take the VA job while you can get it. As my friend said, "Best nursing job I ever had". I think that about sums it up.

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I know the benefits are awesome but isn't the pay rate pretty lame? I looked into it a few years back and for LPNs their rate was $4 an hour less than the current one in this area.

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