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help..CA eligibility ^_^

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just wonderin'....how long does it usually take to have an eligibility from ca-bon? the thing is...i have received a letter from them last november 15 that i lacked one requirement (school curriculum) and so i addressed the lacking requirement 2weeks after(nov.29)..well right now i have no idea what will happen next..hehe hope ny1 could help me..thanks!!

merry christmas!!

ms. suzanne could you please help me again..i need your advice..remember my last post ..that first paragraph with green fonts..well when i sent my lacking documents to the bon last nov. 29, i just typed my fullname and student no. on top of my school curriculum so that they(bon) will know that those files belong to me as soon as they'll receive it..but my friend told me that i should have also typed the file# which was written on the letter given by the bon to me..i didn't know that it should also be included since i didn't know what to do then...

will the bon still credit the documents i have sent to them even if i didn't put the file number? or do i have to send again those documents to the bon?

hope to hear from you soon...

merry christmas!!:ball:

It is four to six months on average from when they have complete file, so add in extra time since you had to have additional documentation sent to them.


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oh well.. :icon_smile: thank you suzanne.. Happy Holidays!

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