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Can anyone suggest a good care plan book and a good drug book that will be easy for me to carry around at clinicals? There are just so many and I figured some of you on here have some favorites. Thanks for your input in advance! :thankya:



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I like Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: a guide to planning care but it's too big to lug around clinicals. BTW, we had to get the Carpenito-Moyet book for school and everyone hates it.

I just use the free epocrates ( on my PDA for a drug guide at clinicals. We don't usually have room for books, bags, etc. at our clinicals.

I have one of the Mosby drug guides and it has served me fine, a lot of people seem to like Davis drug guide, though (in book form, but also available on PDA if you are at all interested in that route...there is probably a nursing diagnosis/care plan program for them too... has a lot of stuff).

I have one of the clipboards that opens up to store stuff and I keep a pocket assessment guide, RNotes (which I like but I always forget to use!), & a list of the approved NANDA nursing diagnosis in there but I don't ever get to do my actual care plan paperwork until after clinicals anyway... so I don't ever need a whole care plan book at the hospital.

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thanks for for the tips.....I am just starting out, I start in September, and I get my second hep b shot on monday july 25th. Remember those days :chuckle

But Monday July 25th will be a special day for you....I wish you all the best on the nclex :)

ps: eat a good breakfast.

Second on the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook Book. I haven't used it yet, but I have heard it is a godsend!

Good Luck in clinical!:balloons:

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