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hello. everyone here, this is my first time to come here, i find that this web is very fascinating and people here are very friendly, ^_^ , i am a nurse ,want to study in the australia for one year pre-registration course, , but i don't know which school is better, rmit or flinder, can you give me some advices , also i want to know if student must have ielts 7.0 after graduation for registration,? thank you :confused: :roll


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Can you give us a little more information - are you currenty here in Australia and living near one of the universities you have mentioned

You say you are a nurse and want to study for pre registration - what level are you currently at

I am not currently in the general nursing system (I am involved in aged care we too deal with students on placement) - l am trying to figure out what you mean by 'student must have ielts 7.0 after graduation for registration"

Maybe someone else could explain this also

Anyway welcome to our forum and the allnurses Bulletin board we all hope that it is useful and informative for you and that you will make many friends and enjoy the comradie that happens with nursing world wide.

Cheers Tookie

Sandra m. Took,thank you very much , now i am a rn in china , i really want to study in australia, many universities provide one year pre-registration course for oversea nurses, after that we become a rn in australia, i don't know which school i 'll choose, some people told me that university like rmit need to get IELTS7.0 after graduation if we want to become a rn in AUS, so i need some help .

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Welcome Sherry,

You might be able to obtain the informatiom you require by contacting the nurses board in the state in which you wish to live & work.

Here in Australia, each state has it's own nurses board & you need to register with the board in the state you are working.

If you are wanting to work at Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia, you need to contact

the nurses board at;



PO Box 7176 Hutt Street


Hoping this helps in your quest.



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HI sherry

I have been in contact with rarry who is also a member and an RN in China. You might want to contact her by Email or PM as she might be able to help. She like you is looking to come to Australia so she might have some hints.

Sandra is correct you have to check with each Registration board in each state ( a pain I know) but most are on the internet as are a lot of our Universities.

Flinders university is in South Australia and RMIT is in Melbourne Victoria and there is a big distance between them. Let me know if there is anything more I can do to help.

Welcome aboard Sherry. Hmmmm, I thing Gwenith's

take-over plans are firming up!!! :)

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