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Hello, introducing myself


Hello, I am an older student that returned to school. I am in the LPN program and finished my first month of nursing school in February. I am happy about being in the LPN program after a long fight to get there. I had a health problem that kept me out of school for 3 years after finishing core classes. I am supposed to graduate in December 2020, which seems impossible now since the COVID 19 virus has hit the country and shut down everything. On the positive side, we get more time to study and prepare for a test. Hoping that talking to people in nursing school helps me stay positive Don't forget to say hello.


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Hi Just Peachy, welcome to allnurses!

I can say for sure that having a health setback, and returning to nursing school after a break of 3 years shows a determination that will be a huge asset in this field.

As to COVID 19, everyone in healthcare right now is still being tumbled around, but it is likely the picture will improve between now and December 2020. All you can do is stay current on your school's notifications.

All the best to you!


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Welcome to AN! CONGRATS on beginning your nursing journey. Keep going. You will make it 🤗