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Good morning, afternoon, and eveing! LOL One question to those of

you whom chose to shed some light on my foggy brain.:idea: We are thinking of relocating to Madtown(Madison) next spring. I am an LPN. Planning on earning an RN after our move. DH is an RRT. We have three children, 5, 3, and 1.

1. What is a desireable place to live in Madison(Besides MIddleton) :) I am only familiar with Sun Prarie seeing as how I dated a guy from the Sound (high school marching band) back in the early 1990's.

2. Schools.... which school area is the best? I have no idea where to start, its so vast. The Madison school website blew my mind. There's like 5 different "areas" of schools. Jeepers.

3. Any other insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. All of you...


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I grew up in Sun Prairie, and had no problems in that area. I would love to move back but husbands family is in the area we live now. Sun Praire had really good schools, I really liked Royal Oaks Elementary school. The highschool was good also. The city is starting to meet with Madison, but it still is a good place to raise kids.

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If you want close distance to Madison, but a rural community, consider Cambridge or Lake Mills. Both smaller towns but right off the freeway and close to Madtown.

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I live north of Madison....near Portage. I'm a country girl at heart. It seems like there has been a big increase in crime in Madison so I would feel safer out of the city- especially with kids. p.s. Portage has a new hospital as well and it's right off the interstate. Good luck and welcome to the area!

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