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Hello, all! I also posted this in the Male Nursing Student Forum, but this question applies across the board. I'm about to begin nursing school and am a bit concerned about potential problems related to my being 81" tall. Any taller nurses out there dealing with this situation (bumping into overhead monitors, equipment, etc.)?


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dont sweat it, just buy some longer scrubs. We dont wanna see your ankles and socks.... Capri's are not a good look for a dude.

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Heh. Thanks! I don't wanna be pulling off a Capri look. Any suggestions for a company/website that can handle a 38" inseam on scrub pants?


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You have 6" on me but almost all brands have tall sizes. As for equipment, you will have to watch for TV's on the wall. You can Jack the beds up but make sure you put them back down to lowest level to help avoid high falls from them.


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my husband is tall and so is his uncle (not near as tall as you, but tall enough we can't find pants for either of them that fit the way they want) I make my husband's pants and his uncle has his made from a local seamstress. You may wanna find some one in your area that can make them


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The problem with scrubs is that even if they say unisex, they are primarily made with women in mind. With that said when women size up its not usually because their legs are growing, it's because their waists are. Is there anyone you know with even basic sewing skills?


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I'm 6'4" and went with Landau scrubs in long (or maybe it was extra long) and had to have them shortened by 4-5" They're called "Landau Unisex Reversible Drawstring Scrub Pants." I couldn't believe how long they were, so maybe they'll work for you.


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at almost 62 inches i should be so lucky embrace your height, im sure u have a well calloused noggin by now.

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I think your real issue will be being sure to practice good ergonomics when lifting. That long spine will make for some leverage up there on the shoulders.:thankya::mnnnrsngrk:


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I am 6'9", as well. Use your knees, raise the bed, make sure you lower it when done, and protect yourself. TV's on the wall suck, but then again, I know from personal experience you are use to automatically looking up before walking through doors, etc. I will say, watch out for overhead lights like in surgery or ER...they suck! I get my pants from cheapscrubs.com, MOBB brand, they have a style that comes in TALL size and they work well for me, they have drawstring with elastic, plenty of pockets, and reasonably priced. Scrub tops are another topic, as you probably know they don't make pink or lilac scrubs in tall or long sizes....I have gotten a couple from scrubmed.com, they have a good selection of colors and will customize your shirts, such as adding inches, I think I had them and 3 or 4 inches to the length and they work well, last well, but are expensive. I've found someone local to make my shirts, much cheaper, I've just had them follow the pattern from the 2 I bought at scrubmed.com. I have actually had them make some shirts out of twin sized flat sheets, you pick the colors, designs, or whatever. I get one top out of a sheet! I also get my shoes online, as well, much easier.