Height/CNA- Any short nurses ?

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I am applying to nursing school and decided that I would be a cna first for experience.

I found a cna program; however, it requires one to be able to lift 50lbs. My height is only 4'7.

Have any other short nurses/cnas had problems lifting patients?


Body mechanics are everything.

I once worked with a CNA your size who was like a little powerhouse.

At first, no matter what size you are, your first few lifts will probably be weakly and awkward.

Just remember good body mechanics and that we rely on each other for help for transfers...

Just don't be a wet noodle and let your partner do all the work.

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I think you will be able to lift 50lbs. You don't pick patients up and move them around unless you want a short career and back problems by the time you're 40. Facilities have lifts and tecniques that help you maneuver patients without strssing your back. You will (should) learn good body mechanics in orientation and how to use the lifts, once you learn to use them correctly they will be your best friend.

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I am small as well and with good body mechanics, you can lift and help move A+O patients who aren't dead weight. If someone is dead weight I just get help, or if they are just huge. And we use lifts as much as possible.

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