did you hear this too, graduate LPN student's?


I'm finally graduating--finals on may 6th and pinning on the 13th of may. it's been an interesting year :bugeyes:

to say the least :biggringi

my classmates and I have endured much of the:

"why didn't you go directly t/ RN?"

"we do not hire LPN's, but if you decide to get your RN..." ---> 1000000 x over

"why are you even here for clinicals? we don't even hire lpn's here?" :angryfire

(the RT Tech was soooo pleasant :eek: )

WELL, I did get a job as a LPN on Med-Surg @ that particular hospital and they will even help me financially once i continue in Jan. w/ transition to RN.

:balloons: :balloons:

I'm so happy---and scared ! It's a great accomplishment for me to work at the hospital I really wanted to be at--even my favorite floor during clinicals.

One LPN will retire and i'm going to take her place. it will be difficult to fill a place of such an experienced nurse. i hope i will make everyone proud and maybe they will all reconsider hiring LPN's again on Med-surg. Post Partum and Peds still do but very limited.

Good luck to all of you! :redpinkhe: nurse:

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Congratulations on your job and your graduation!!! Good luck as you further your education! :)

Congrats. Your story shows how determination, hard work, and forward planning can make dreams come true. :balloons:


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Way to go!!!

Congrats on your graduation and new job. That is a great accomplishment!



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