Time management outside of work

  1. DO any of you guys have tips on maintaining a home life (family, friends, health) outside of work? I work 50 hours a week and am also going back to school to do my BSN next month. I find that I'm tired all of the time. I come home and have to fix meals and pay bills and prepare things, go to bed, and start all over the next day. On weekends I spend an entire day doing housework, then one day I can enjoy, but then I have to get up early the next morning so I can't really enjoy it. And I tried switching cleaning days to Sunday but I stress about it and can't enjoy a day off when I know that I've got hours of housework waiting. I also want to try to have time to lose some weight (about 10 pounds) that I've gained from stress and bad eating due to my crazy work schedule. Anyone else deal with this as well? When I get my BSN I can try to go back to 12 hour shifts so I won't have this awful stress and schedule but for now I am stuck.
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  3. by   michiganstudent
    There is a website that helps people break housework into simple routines every day - 15 minutes at a time. It's called flylady.net. I have used it with some success. It really helps reduce the stress of weekly marathon cleaning.
  4. by   Mulan
    Have some stuff in the freezer that you can just thaw out and heat up so you don't have to cook every night.

    Something that you've cooked in batches big enough to freeze part of.

    Not having to cook from scratch and clean up the mess will save a lot of time right there.
  5. by   runlikeagirl
    Utilize your crockpot!

    Dedicate "hours" every two weeks or once a month for the deeper cleaning. Otherwise, spot clean once a week and vacuum, sweep, mop.

    I keep to do lists and take serious pleasure in crossing off items.

    Take time to sit down and complete those annoying emails, phone calls, and tasks that tend to pile up.

    You could pay someone to come to your house once a month to do deep cleaning. I think the going rate where I live is about $75 for two hours of work. Also some good groupon stuff out there.

    Grocery shop once a week. Wash, chop, and prep as much as you can that day. That's helped me.

    Try to squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio most days a week. You'll sleep better and feel less tired and be more clearheaded when it comes to completing tasks.

    Drink plenty of water and eat real foods. The frankenfood we eat these days can make you feel more fatigued.

    Find something you can look forward to in the morning. I enjoy my cup of coffee and eating breakfast. I used to do this on the run in my car, but I found that if I wake up a little bit earlier and spend 15 minutes eating breakfast and having a cup of coffee, I'm in a better mood and start the day off right.

    NO iPads, laptops, cell phones, or tv in the bedroom. I read a book before bed but that's it. You have to set the mood for sleepytime and electronics don't do it.

    Good luck! It's a challenge every single day. I feel your pain.