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So I've been working nights for two years now, and my general state of health has declined to a degree I never imagined possible. I'm always fatigued, my diet is lousy, I've gained 20 pounds, and... Read More

  1. by   Gypsy_Nurse
    I think this thread is a bit old, if I'm reading the date of the first post correctly (2009), but I think it's a good thread with great information. I work nights, have been for 4 years, and I MUST work 12 hour shifts or else I'm a pile for the entire week. When I do my shifts I like to clump them together (3 on, 4 off, weekends here and there will alter the schedule a bit) which gives me a few days off to work out like a 'normal' person. During my stretches of shifts at work I have to be honest I don't work out during those days...however, in order to make up for that I try to eat healthy foods, make sure I snack on healthy snacks often (not always easy to do as a floor nurse) and take the stairs whenever possible. Good luck to you, it is the worst shift health-wise, however it is my favorite shift...night shift lovers are a dying breed :spin:
  2. by   GitanoRN
    our entire staff uses the gym which is open around the clock, and recently we have a zumba class around 3:00am and another at 8:00am and so on, it has been packed since it began
  3. by   MJB2010
    Quote from Mrs. Sparkle Pants
    Ugh! So glad you asked this question!! My husband works nights, and I have been trying to convince him to work out with me. I said we could do it at 7am when he gets off work or at 6pm before he goes to work. His response "I'm too tired then." Ummm, well normal people are tired when they work out at 5am before work or 5 pm after work too!!
    I can say, in all honesty, working nocs is a WHOLE different kind of tired. Until you have experienced it, there is no way to describe it. It is a tired all the time, never feeling caught up or rested, barely hanging on kind of tired. I get dizzy sometimes. I have to use gps on my way home so I don't miss my exit. So when he says he is too tired, you can't compare it to normal day shift tired.