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I recently completed my MSN - and my capstone research project was about how night shift nurses learn to adapt to circadian disruption. I am doing a follow-up project, and need you input on the... Read More

  1. by   marycarney
    Bumping this thread - looking for more input. Help as sista' out, will you??
  2. by   jewelrnmom
    1)What characterizes a 'night shift friendly' employer? Someone who schedules more than 1 day off inbetween working a few days in a row, someone who has two different times for meetings one for day shift and night shift
    2)What characterizes a 'night shift UNfriendly' employer? Someone who decides to call in the middle of the day wanting to know if you could work a few days in the future (Just send me a text I am sleeping), scheduling only one day off after working 5 nights in a row. someone who just throws tasks on night shift because day shift is too busy (or so they say...)
    3) What would you do to make night shift better if you could? allow for less "tasks" during night shift and transfer those to a non clinical employee so nurses can go and do NURSING care, Change the schedule to allow for three days off in a row, text the employee or call them during their shift so they can sleep during the day
    4) What specific things does your employer do that is either night shift friendly or night shift UNfriendly? All those that I stated above, only have 1 day off to recoop all the days you put in, they call during my sleep time, schedule non clinical tasks to be completed on nights just because the day shift doesnt want to do them.
  3. by   lindseylpn
    Scheduling meetings in the middle of the day.
    Calling you in the middle of the day.
    Scheduling all treatments, foley changes, blood draws, labs, iv changes in the middle of the night because, "we have less to do", even though we have just as much work as dayshift with less staff. People just "love" to be woken up at 3am to have their catheter changed too.
    Not being able to call in sick because, so and so can't handle nights and won't come in even though they are on call or they person on call is "asleep" and didn't hear their pager etc.
    Having to find your own relief when dayshift calls in even though you have a million things to do.
    Always being short staffed or having your staff pulled to another unit.
    Locking the breakroom at night, no access to food and you can't leave your unit for break anyways because there is no one to Cover for you.
    Dayshift gets a free or discounted meal in the cafeteria but, we get nothing.
    Ratio of 1 nurse/ 2 cnas to 55-60 patients on nights and 3 nurses/4-5 cnas on days (nursing home)
    Only allowing staff to pick up their paychecks from like 12p-4p etc.
    I agree with a poster above about never getting our rewards for nurses day, holidays, etc by the time we get to work there will be some deflated balloons, chip crumbs in the bottom of a bowl, a dried up piece of cheese on a tray, a squished piece of cake with the icing scraped off, while the dayshift walk out with plates made up for their husbands, kids or 2nds for themselves.
    Not offering any kind of differential.

    Friendly: I once worked for a company that would schedule night shift meetings for 10-11pm and give us our checks a day early and that honestly is the only thing i can think of.
  4. by   sleepRN
    Friendly at my hospital!

    Meetings are 3 times a day to accommodate all shifts.
    We have an assistant manager whose hours are 5p to 1a to support a seamless transition to night shift (our hours are 11p to 7a)
    24 hour coffee shop
    Unit manager has stated we can call her ANYTIME if need be (of course I would leave that as a last resort)
    Managers help night-shifters come up with projects they can do at night (beyond regular duties) for points toward clinical ladder
    Self scheduling so we can work together to come up with our own preferred schedule
    Shift differential