Near Crippling PMS

  1. I've never been diagnosed officially and am not on any medication, but I get really REALLY bad PMS, or PMDD-like symptoms for 8-10 days every month and it literally makes me feel like I'm losing control. It is the worst feeling and makes work and social life very difficult. I believe it used to lead to quite a few write-ups for me unfortunately. What will happen is I will feel very irritable, depressed and anxious and every little thing will bother and frustrate me, but usually I have to try to grin and bear it which exhausts me. This has caused a lot of shame for years because of the associated stigma, but learning to talk about it with trusted friends has helped me to better cope. Also getting additional rest and less work during that time helps me to get more in control of my emotions, but I still feel like I could feel better. I get relief after my period starts and I'm fine for up to about 3 weeks, until just before my next period, and the cycle repeats. Do any of you suffer similarly? If so, what has helped you find relief?
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  3. by   thoughtful21
    Hi, nikegirl09! Are you able to go see an OB/GYN or a Women's Health NP? They specialize in managing health problems like this, and they might have some great suggestions that could help you out a lot.
  4. by   nikegirl09
    Hey thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking of doing this, but as it turns out I really hate being a patient!
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Most of us do hate being patients, but there are times when it's very necessary. You simply MUST speak with a doctor or women's healthcare practitioner about your condition. Call today and make an appointment. Your career may very well depend on it.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Agree with others - please see your OB/GYN provider. Per our terms of service, we can't provide medical advice.