Methods for dealing with STRESS - page 2

I know this may have been discussed somewhere on these wonderful boards...But, I am really very interested in how everyone has dealt with or is dealing with all the stress from Nursing school? I... Read More

  1. by   newguard
    These can either be relaxing or stressful or both...

    1.Communicate with the people you love in person or through (email,text,etc..)
    2. Go to family, highschool reunion ( prepared for their health-related questions)
    3. Watch the kind of tv shows that you love!
    4. And in case you want something out of nursing world, think of a project/lesson then set a plan (that can be accomplished after a months/weeks) then do it one day at a time, and beat the deadline.

    as GramsDoll3 said LAUGH OFTEN!