Mean Nurses

  1. How does everyone deal with rude nurses? I'm an agency nurse contracted at a local hospital. I worked with the hospital when I was going to nursing school and came back 4 years later as a RN. I just can't get over how nasty some people are. It's male and female. It has gotten to the point where I am physically and emotionally exhausted and am seriously questioning my career choice.
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  3. by   Mulan
    I know what you're talking about.

    Had that experience at an HCA hospital that I was going to.

    (like snarling wolves)

    I finally refused to go there and found somewhere else to work. I later heard (at the new place) that nurses at the HCA hospital would scream at each other.

    Leaving is probably not an option for you.

    I don't have anything useful to offer, but I can certainly empathize.
  4. by   NurseSpeedy
    Maybe it's just my age or the fact that I've been doing this for 16 years now, but no a-hole co-worker(s) are going to ruin my mindset at work and definitely not at home.

    Years ago it bothered me, now, there's times that I've learned to shut it out so much to the point I don't even notice it. I had one time where one apologized for being "B****y" earlier in the shift and I looked at her confused. She went on explaining and I said, "Don't worry about it. I honestly didn't even think you were being that way." I've learned to block out the ugliness and just come in and do my job. As long as the attitudes are not being expressed in front of the patients, it's not an issue to me. It would be nice to have pleasant co-workers, but you will find jerks in any profession. It's best just to learn to ignore it and not let it bother you. The way I look at it is I have to work with these people for today. Then I go home. I am not taking them home with me. Hopefully they aren't going home and making their family miserable like some of their coworkers who let them do so, because that would be a horrible way to live one's life.
  5. by   spacegal123
    I am actually working on the same issue myself. And truthfully I wonder if I picked the right career choice, unit in the hospital or facility. I am working on blocking out the negativity from the floor, and a huge part of that has to do with sticking to myself and leaving the floor for all my breaks. I have had a few friends, and I've lost a few friends. The floor I work on is very "clicky", and if you do one wrong you're screwed. I am just moving forward, in a respectful way. I think in life it's important to be around people who make you happy, and sure you can't necessarily choose your co-workers, but you can choose how they affect you. The negative behaviors and comments from others won't affect my day, and sure as hell won't affect how I feel at home with my family. Blocking out the negativity.. Definitely takes practice but is a skill worth to learn !!!
  6. by   LovegelatoRN
    I've only experienced this with a handful of people . In my current hospital, everyone is pleasant or at least not hostile or "looking for errors.". Find a different position...not worth it. I think some people become that way when they are way way burnt out and should have left healthcare years ago. Some were probably always like that. But, you are not obligated to work with them if you find somewhere new.

    What's funny is...they probably complain that the turnover is so high and morale so low not realizing they are a good reason why.
  7. by   FolksBtrippin
    I don't mind grumpiness if it is general. If it directed at me, or I am being mistreated by someone, it has to be handled. I had to go to my manager about it once.

    But yeah, it is definitely an occupational hazard.
  8. by   nikegirl09
    I used to really let it get to me when a nurse was rude/grumpy to me, but I've learned to be more forgiving and just overlook it, especially if the offense is minor. The truth is, we all have bad days, especially in nursing. And I know there have been times where I am greatful that the nurse relieving me kindly overlooked my rudeness/grumpiness. Now, I'm not saying I would not report a nurse who grossly mistreated me (not that you can always count on management to do anything). But I find usually, most offenses can simply be overlooked.