Loosing my hair =(

  1. Hello everyone. i'm a new nurse working night shift for 3 months and i've been a nurse for 4 months. Since starting working i have started to loose soooo much hair. i used to loose two or three strands every time i would wash my hair... now i'm loosing 20-30 strands.... its alot of me!! i can actually feel my hair is thinner when i pick it up and everything! if anyone has any advise for me please help!
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  3. by   augigi
    You should probably talk to your doctor.
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I had hair loss for several years due to a hormonal imbalance. I saw many docs who blew me off. If you are not having other unusual s/s, then your hair loss is probably not hormonal. According to the endocrinologist (from the Cleveland Clinic)who successfully treated me, hair loss from emotional stress is a myth. Although short lived loss of hair called tellogen effluvium can occur from physical stressors. Getting your ferritin and testoserone levels checked is a good idea. Hair loss from hormone imbalances/vulnerabilities or low iron are non-scarring alopecias. Autoimmune types such as alopecia areata are scarring alopecias and are treated with steroids.
    Maybe it's the physical stress of night shift and being a new nurse?
    Anyway, it can't hurt to get your ferritin and testoserone checked. I would get your tsh level checked, as well.
    In my experience, dermatologists really don't know much of anything about non-scarring alopecias. I saw many who couldn't tell me a thing before I finally got the correct DX & tx.

    Also, dieting/weight loss can cause alopecia. I've read several journal articles which stated that 10% of people who lose >30 # on a diet will suffer permanent hair loss to some degree. This is something the weight loss industry doesn't advertise.
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  5. by   LilyNHRN
    Diabetes? Happened to my mom. I also know that vitamin deficiency can make you lose your hair. I would make a doctors appointment and have some blood tests done.
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    Good luck with that. It's not the purpose of this forum or others to offer advice of this nature. Please see your physician or NP. Good luck.