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I have been a nurse for 9 years. I have had nothing but positive feedback on all of my performance appraisals. I have the respect of many of my coworkers. I was top in my class in nursing school.... Read More

  1. by   Imafloat
    I am 4 months into my first nursing job and I feel a lot of anxiety. I am working in a level III NICU and there is so much I don't know, I am afraid that I am going to be in an emergency situation and do the wrong thing. I think about my job a lot and remember little things I forgot to chart etc. I think maybe NICU is too intense for me. The responsibility is overwhelming. I am starting to have heart palpitations occasionally and heartburn all the time. Not sure if this is related to my anxiety but I have never had palpitations before.

    I received glowing reviews from both of my preceptors, I am told that I am doing great, I just feel like a big pretender. I don't want to leave until I have held this job at least 6 months and I would prefer not to leave at all. However, I can't stay if this doesn't get under control, because I can see this anxiety leading to depression.
  2. by   howdydoo123
    Wow! I have been struggling w/this same anxiety since almost the beginning of my career. I've been a nurse for only 3 yrs. I have job hoped and the anxiety continued. I even did some work as a case manager for 6 mos and it was a different kind of stress. I love clinical nursing. I have worked primarily on a telemetry unit. I too have always had excellent reviews and praise from coworkers and patients. I just cannot escape the feeling of failure and that I have missed something or could have done something better. I have almost wanted to give up nursing, but I can't think of anything I'd rather do. My husband can't seem to understand why don't want to be a nurse. I do want to be a nurse, I just am scared. I just soo glad that I am not the only one! I guess you could say that we care so much it makes us sick.
  3. by   WoWChick
    Oh God! I'm not the only one! I'm not the only one! Woo hoo!
    I just posted a "vomit session" a couple of hours ago. I suppose it was venting and seeking advice...but a lot of my problem is solved by decreasing my something easier. Ugh. Still more to think about. Lots more. GOOD LUCK YA'LL!
  4. by   synkitty
    I have been nursing for three years and each shift feels like a decade. It has gotten so bad lately that I cry before I go to work because I feel so useless and completely unable to cope. I have never had any problems or complaints at work, apart from being slow, which was secondary to being a complete perfectionist and double checking everything, but I never thought anything I did was good enough. I have finally made the decision now to try something new for a year or so, and see what else is out there, then do some training in a health related industry. Maybe I will go back to nursing someday, it still fascinates me, but I don't love the job. You are definitely not the only person out there who feels useless, but I think I would prefer a nurse who is stressed about doing the best job they can, compared to someone who thinks they know everything.
  5. by   boriquarn
    I am a charge nurse in OR and have also been a nurse for 9 years. You are not alone on this one.
    Sometimes what makes us great nurses also can be our downfall.
    We think critically,quickly-always thinking about the consequences and outcomes of our actions and when you define yourself through your career you kind of lose touch with your needs and wants!
    This may sound so simple but if you love nursing you have to find a stress relief quick! Mine is exercise and prayer and plenty of time w/my hubby.
    If I don't exercise at least 3x per week I will catch myself clenching my jaw at work- wierd huh?
    Don't let the tension debilitate or diminish all that you have accomplished!