Exercise and 12 hour shifts

  1. Any suggestions on how to incorporate exercise when working 12-hour shift? I know that we have 4-days off during the week but what if you also need/want to work out for the day that you are working? I end up having to wake up at 4 or 4:30 cuz I'm usually exhausted after work and usually have no energy to exercise after. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  3. by   oMerMero
    I work with some people who run the stairs during a break at work.
  4. by   RN2Bn2006
    I work out 3 days a week. If I have worked the night before, I go straight to the gym when I get off. I work out approx 1 hour, and then I sleep pretty darn good! It is sometimes hard to motivate myself to go - I could easily justify not going, but go anyway - most of the time! you get used to it after awhile!
  5. by   italianrn07
    Hi, I work 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week. What I do is go work out on my days off. It is very hard though if I work 3 week days and it's my weekend off, then I try to workout on Sat or Sun. Sometimes exercise gets put on the back burner because of other plans or just wanting to lounge around on my days off, especially the weekend. Working 12 hour night shifts is even harder. On my days off I am mostly sleeping and my gym is not 24 hours, therefore sometimes I feel like working out at 1am but can't.
  6. by   Nurse_Advocate
    There's something about exercising outside that is therapeautic. If at all possible (weather permitting), exercising outside is my first choice. For me, walking (wrist weights?/ankle weights?) is best...walking with a spouse, significant other or trusted friend (even a loved pet) is even better!

    My husband and I walk at least 4 times a week to a local nature preserve (we're so lucky) and take in the natural beauty. It is breathtaking. Sometimes we get lucky and see unique animals or gorgeous plants and flowers that are so charming that we can't help but stop and admire them up close.

    It's great cardio going up hills. In fact there's something about walking up hills (in the outdoors) that gets me in touch with myself (and my faith) and helps me to really appreciate the "now". A good stress release too!
  7. by   RockBandQueen
    I do Jazzercise on my days off and I try to ride my bike to work. It's about a 20 minute bike ride for me. This of course wouldn't work for people who commute long distance, but it would work for some. I also do about 20 minutes of stretching every night right before bed.
  8. by   cwazycwissyRN
    I am working on getting a short relaxation routine of yoga when I get off work. That way I am stretching and relaxing after my pounding work day. Getting this to be routine is tough, I am also so very tired. My mind thinks I am still young, my body has been telling me different. I am trying to be realistic and short about it to start...then start adding a little at a time.
  9. by   sicushells
    Once or twice (well... usually just once) a week after work I'll go to the gym and run. I take it as my easy day, I bring shorts, extra socks, wear a t-shirt under my scrubs, and wear my running shoes to work (I leave my "work" shoes at work). An hour or two before I get off, I'll take five minutes and eat a protein bar or something to give me energy for when I run. I'll change at the gym, go run for half an hour, and then go home. If I go home first I'm done for the day, and I'll never make it back out to exercise, but if I just drag myself to the gym I'll make it.
  10. by   Iam46yearsold
    Every shift I work, I go to the gym afterwards and get a good workout in. Gets rid of any stress, nothing like a good workout and a better whirlpool
  11. by   itsova9000
    I started working 12h day shift last week and have been wondering what other people have been doing. The medical floor gets really busy so when I'm done with my shift I just want to relax because the next day it's mayhem all over again.

    I snack during the day to keep my energy up. Within the last hour of shift I try to snack a protein bar so that way I'll have energy to workout after work. I don't want to lose muscle mass or become hypoglycemic during my workout. If I can't quite make it to the gym I have P90X videos I can follow and they are an intense workout that I can do at home.