Anyone else get bummed out around the holidays? - page 3

Just expressing some personal feelings here (not something I often do but kinda depressed today, and really needed to put this out there). It's been really rough for me emotionally lately (last... Read More

  1. by   Kymmi
    I was crying as I read your post not because I am sad for me but Im sad for you..HUGS....It sounds like you are going to keep yourself from getting in that same situation because you realize what is going on and alot of women that come from dsyfunctional families end up in one themselves so it makes me happy that you will do well for yourself by recognizing the signs.

    My heart goes out to you but if its any comfort to know that by reading what you wrote made me appreciate my family even more than I do.

  2. by   psalm
    I wish us all the true peace and giving spirit of Christmas that God has sent in His Son Jesus...who was perfect but became man to be an example for us, and to be our Saviour. Sometimes even in a crowd we can be lonely, and Jesus knew that! So for all of us, hugs this day and this season...and don't let anyone bully you into doing anything you don't want/feel comfortable doing ("mandatory" attendance at a family gathering).
  3. by   bigredrn57
    JBP, make a list of what you are grateful for.Think of what you have, not what you don't. It is very hard to separate the disease from those you love. One thing I have learned is, "You can't tell an alcoholic anything that they don't think is their idea."

    be good to yourself,
  4. by   Tweety

    It isn't a smiley happy feel good day for all of us. I think that's partly why I'm working a 12-hour shift today. It helps me get through the day.
  5. by   tencat
    YES! YES! YES! I really loathe this time of year for many of the same reasons you do, jpb. I try really hard to be happy about it, but I am SO glad when the new year rolls around. I've got too much baggage to be happy about Christmas. But I try not to spoil it for my husband and daughter by trying REALLY hard to be happy in front of them. I gave up on Christmas with my family of origin 15 years ago. That has helped some. I'd be perfectly happy if I could just skip the whole thing, but I've got a little one, and I want Christmas to be special for her. I am glad I found this thread, though.
  6. by   Djuna
    JBP (((( hugs )))) from across the world.

    So many of us feel the sadness of the Christmas season and we wish for the happy family scenarios portrayed by the media.

    Stay strong, be kind to yourself.
  7. by   ms_orion
    Me Too!!! Worked 12 hour shift to get away