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Health Question-GI related


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I feel comfortable with this website, so I wanted to post this thread here. A family member of mine just found out she may have intestinal parasites, which she is now on meds for. She had felt the symptoms for weeks, but they got progressively worse to the point where she knew something was up. I am afraid I might have this also, because I have similar symptoms. She had perianal itching and she thought she saw a thread-like mucus strand in her stool, which she thought to be a worm. I thought I saw one in my stool a few days ago, it was a very thin mucus, thread-like strand, that was sticking up straight. It was a clear-ish white color. How can you tell the difference between mucus and worms? Also, my itching is more localized to my vulva area, not so much around my anus. I thought I may have a yeast infection, because I'd had one before. But the itching was way more intense this time and there was swelling. Now I'm not sure if I have a yeast infection or possibly these parasites. I know no one can diagnose me on here, but does anyone have any ideas? Sorry for the TMI. The itching is also starting to subside, now that I got my period, which I might mention was a week and a half late.

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It is against the terms of this website to offer medical advice.

Sorry. Please see your primary care provider if you have concerns.

Agreed. The Terms of Service for allnurses.com ask that members neither ask for nor provide medical advice.

This is a matter that you should discuss with your doctor or other care provider. They should be familiar with your history and be able to offer treatment.

I hope you get the care you need.

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