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Can any one suggest me simple quantitatve research questions topic for my proposal?

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Can you give some more details? What topics have you come up with?


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1. What is the prevalence of perceived main health problems in elderly people?

2. What are the health seeking practices on perceived health problem in elderly people?

What are factors associated with the health care seeking practice on perceived health problem

which of them is quantitative research ,please help me


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factors affecting utilization of prevention of mother to child transmission services among pregnant women


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i can not identify which is quantitative research?

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Try typing some keywords into the Search function in the top right hand of the page and see what you come up with. People usually learn best when they have to research topics for themselves rather than have the answers spoon-fed to them. :yes:

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Maybe this will help you come to your conclusion:

NORR | Web Links | Nursing Research/Theory

Qualitative vs Quantitative - Nursing Resources - ResearchGuides at University of Wisconsin-Madison Ebling Library

An easy way to think of it is this:

Qualitative research has to do with observations, personal statements, and material that is written out (such as articles, studies). This data does NOT have to do with numbers.

Quantitative research does deal with #s.

you can look at specific Examples, details, and differneces between the two types in the links that I provided above.

Does this help? What do you think the quantitative research is out of the potential answers you listed?


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There are 3 Broad Types of Research Questions: Descriptive, Predictive, Cause-Effect

Descriptive research can be used for qualitative and quantitative research questions. You will use it to answer questions such as: What changes over time or over different situations, How much?; How often?. For example: How frequently do nursing students engage in technical skills during clinical?

Predictive questions are used for quantitative research questions to decide whether one or more variables can be used to predict some future outcome. For example: Does high HESI scores predict nursing students' predisposition to pass NCLEX after graduating from Nursing school?

Cause-effect research questions are also used for quantitative research questions These type of questions generally look for any difference an intervention makes; What has caused change; and if the intervention is responsible for causing the results. For example: Does difference (change) in amount of hours studying (independent variable) affect the pass rate (changes) in students' NCLEX performance(dependent variable)?

I hope this helps. Good Luck!