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This is my first year as a school nurse, and I'm taking classes to get certified. I recently found out the Health Log in which students sign in is against FERPA laws. I was curious to see what other school nurses are doing in place of a Health Log? How else do you keep track of the students who come in if you can't chart immediately?



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My kids sign in/out on a Sign In sheet that is separate from the Health Log. I then jot down: Matt: ice R ankle, or whatever, on my own log and chart later.

Just be careful and keep track of the sign in log. I've had kids signing in trying to get out of class!

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We use electronic logs so we do not have that problem. Only our sub uses paper charting.

At a previous school we had clinic passes on which teachers could write the student's name and complaint. I would jot down the time in/out, assessment/treatment notes, and indicate if the student is staying or going home. Those passes had a carbon copy that I could tear off and give to the student to give to the teacher. I place my copy in the "chart later" pile if I can't get it into the computer right away.

There was no pass system when I started at my current school so I created one. Instead of the carbon copy, I just added a section to let the teacher know if the student was going home or not and I tear off that part to give to the student. I keep a stack of passes on my desk for students who come in without one. After the info is documented, I keep the passes in a safe place until I can shred them. I know some nurses who keep them, not sure why that'd be necessary. I wish I still had the fancy carbon copies but this works pretty well for me!


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