Health Department / DOH jobs for New Grads?


So continuing my Job Search I've seen some openings at the local health departments...yes I'm leaving no stone unturned. I am curious to find out if any new grads started on in their local health department and if they even consider hiring new grads or is it a place with acute care nurses go to when they are fed-up of the hospital grind.

I know most of the nurses at my health department are like 100 years old(exaggeration) because its such a cushy job getting home before 5 and having weekends off. I hope they start training new people soon. Is this a good place for new grads to work? I actually don't mind working their because Public Health was also one of the areas that interest me.

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

Actually, one of the positive effects of the Ebola frenzy has been a heightened awareness of the role of Public Health services because the local PH dept is a hospital's first line resource if they have a suspected Ebola patient. This has given rise to a level of collaboration and communication that I haven't seen before.... and I was at the bedside at the onset of the AIDS epidemic.

PH may have been characterized as a low-key, cushy gig in the past, but I have a sense that this is changing. It is probably going to be a much more active and engaging area for nurses. Especially those who may be interested in the practical aspects of epidemiology.