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I read in my HA syllabus that we will be required to wear a sport bra so that another student can assess us for a test grade. I would have no problem with this is if I had the perfect body, but I have 2 kids and the stretch marks to go with them. Is there any way to get out of this? It's different when you're at the doctor, because you don't have to look at them everyday for 2 yrs. I feel so embarrased and I haven't even done it yet. Is it to late to use the cream to make them less visible? My stomach is not really fat it's just the gross looking stretch marks. Any advice will be appreciated. THanks.:crying2:


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We assessed each other in class too. The trick is to find someone bigger and more stretch marks than you....LOL The truth is, once you get into doing the class it isn't that big of a deal. I would rather do my assessments on a NOT "perfect" body because you learn more that way. I am overweight to the verge of obese, I worked with another large lady and it worked fine. It was interesting trying to hear heart tones, lung sounds and find the different pulses on a heavier person. There was also a skinny little thing in our group, so we could compare the difference. I think in the end it helped our assessment skills. We were all in our little cubicles laughing and doing our fair share of goofing around. It probably was one of my favorite classes. My suggestion is to find someone and make friends quickly so it isn't quite as uncomfortable when you first start.

Good luck.....remember no one is happy with their body

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A few days ago we had a similar thread about having to be "bathed" by a fellow student - you may want to go find it and read that one. It was interesting :)


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I am 42 and the mother of three beautiful children - all born by c-section. When we did assessments on each other in class, I used my striae as an example. I also showed them my bikini scar, and trust me, my stomach is NOT pretty!

The class I am in is very diverse - we have overweight, anorexic, black, white, hispanic...and we are all in this together. It's a hoot! Don't think of it as being embarassing, think of it as a learning experience.

Best of luck to you - you'll do great!


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If you have the fortitude to help people for the rest of your life then be proud!! The person that said beauty is only skin deep obviously didn't have a clue. A body is a story, and they're all worth listening to. You'll get through it and you'll be better off for it! Good luck!!! No one is perfect but Nurses are damn close!! ;)


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This has me very nervous! I am about 100 pounds overweight and there are 3 guy students in my class. I thought that is what the dumbies in lab were for and then after check offs you went to the hospital. There is where you got the hands on training. That is how it was explained to me. :imbar


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We did our assessments on classmates. I was sort of nervous about it in the beginning, but after awhile I just go used to it. Just remember that EVERYONE has had to do this before you. It's best to just suck it up and charge right ahead. It will be over before you know it.

As for the guy students...I am a guy student and I can assure you that it makes us just as nervous/embarrassed having to lift some female student's breast to listen to her heart. If it makes you that uncomfortable, just pair up with another girl.

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