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When writing a survey what is the best way to go about it in writing in your nursing notes? ANd what to include only of importance?

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PM me with your email address and I'll try to attach what I use with my students.


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jenac said:
You are very welcome. I'm glad I could help. ?

Sorry ,how to measure capillary refilling ??


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Does anyone have a simple Health assessment head to toe break down list, I will be starting in the fall 08 @ baptist, sure could use some pre knowledge.

Thanks a bunch :twocents::bow:


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Nurse Bethie said:
Hello! I am looking for some help. The college where I teach is considering going to a head-to-toe assessment for our 1st year BScN students and we don't know where to begin....we are searching through texts but we are looking for something that is 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Is there anyone out there with a lead or willing to pass on their checklist?

I could really use the help!


Mosby has an assessment book that I believe has a detailed assessment and it gives the information in the time period you request. If you search the elsevier website, you will get the book.


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Thank you!! We are doing head to toe assessments with the freshmen in clinical lab this week. Your card corresponds nicely with the handout they will be receiving. I'm going to print them out on a 4x6 index card and give each student one to take to clinical with them as a reminder.


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Thanks, this is great. letting me know i'm still doing ok

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jenac said:
Do you want the list of what to look at?

I still have my Head 2 Toe card from school and am willing to share it if this is what your looking for.

Would you please send me a copy so I may use them with my Fundamentals clinical students??


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Hello Haze,

I'm attaching the pocket card template. It is a word document and set up to print out on a 4x6 blank index card. I usually print page 1 on the desired number of cards then flip them over and print page 2. Hope this works for you.

Head to toe assessment-pocket card.doc

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Came through perfectly! Thanks!



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Hi I am looking for something to help me with my head to toe could you share your card with me?

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