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Graduation is in 27 days and I need a job! I have applied to several HCA internships all over the DFW area. Has anyone else applied? Have you heard anything? What are the internships like? Any and all information would be helpful! I have applied to Denton Regional, Plano Medical Center, and Medical City dallas.


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Not all of the hospitals do things the same way. The one I am familiar with combines classroom/teaching with time on the floor with a preceptor for a total of about 8-10 weeks before being released to fly solo. It also for most is a "stipend" situation where you are not considered an employee until you complete the internship, with a flat fee paid monthly and no benefits, no salary. Not all interns are offered a job. Those who are must sign a contract for 2-3 years of employment prior to leaving that particular HCA facility or having to repay a hefty fee for the time spent training them.


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Oh thanks for the information! I wasn't aware that if they offer you a position you pretty much have to take it! Still I think the experience would be beyond beneficial even if I am not offered a position.


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Hey! I applied for Medical City's L&D internship and I haven't heard anything back yet. I did the Gallup questionnaire they sent out but that was over three weeks ago. From what I hear, they usually start interviewing pretty late but I have my fingers crossed.


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I spoke with the Nurse Recruiter at Medical City Dallas last week. She is still waiting to get the list from the hiring manager on who they want to interview for L&D! Best of luck! I am anxiously waiting for an interview opportunity for that position as well!!


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Has anyone here accepted a position at any of the HCA facilities yet?

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