HBU Spring 2011

U.S.A. Texas


Just got an acceptance letter from Houston Baptist Univeristy for SPring 2011. Anyone else out there going to HBU?

I'm very happy for you! I have a friend who has been accepted too! Don't think she's on allnurses, I'll make sure to tell her about this great place :D

Good luck! I'm currently a student (first semester) at TWU. Not sure what the workload is like at HBU, but pretty sure its going to be intense. Don't fall behind on any readings and keep organized is my advice to you. Have fun!

thanks for the advice it is very much appreciated. i am so ready to be a nurse, I feel like the a world of possibilities will open up for my family and I.

Yeah I just got my acceptance letter today! I am so excited to start. I was in nursing school in SC 2 years ago but had to leave to come to Texas to take care of my grandmother and never went back there. I'm so thankful that I finally got in somewhere in Houston, it has really been a long time in the coming.

I got mine too! Congratulations guys! Looking forward to the orientation, one recommendation guys try to get patho out of the way as soon as possible, I am taking it now and it is really kicking my butt :crying2: I might have to retake it once I start the program because it is too late to drop!

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