1. Okay....I've read so many threads about bad things about HPU, and now i'm scared. I'm from the mainland....in general southern california, I've recently been accepted into HPU. I'm thinking about accepting mainly because I have applied to other schools and been waitlisted ...waiting and waiting is so tiring. I'm still missing a couple of the prequisites, but have finished almost all of the real science courses....can someone tell me somethign to reassure me about my decision to jump the gun and move to hawaii to go to HPU?

    I feel like i have no more options, and this is it. I can't say I'm rich, it would be mostly student loans. I like to think that I'm extremely dedicated so it's not really if the profs don't teach, I can teach myself I guess. I believe that at most Univerisities professors often say one thing and test and everything else. Will i learn enough to practice is what I'm asking.....?

    reassurance needed plz.
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  3. by   xjhoxwex
    Ill be honest with you, HPU has a stigma of being the last resort school on oahu. The reason being is because you do not need a flawless GPA, and there is no entrance exam requirements. I am an ICU nurse and have precepted many HPU students during their last semester clinicals. I find that many of the students are book smart however, lack in applying it hands on. Dont get me wrong there are some very diligent students that go to HPU, i guess its what you make of school. If you study hard and try to excel in all you clinicals you should do fine. When you graduate it does not matter what school you went to. Right?
  4. by   yoseko
    Thank you, I think you're right that after it's all done with and you have the degree it doesn't matter what school. I'll try my best, just scared i guess.
  5. by   mcubed45
    what are your application stats? if you're looking at it from a financial perspective, HPU is your most expensive option. Even if you're paying out-of-state tuition at UHM or KCC i'm pretty sure it's still cheaper. have you looked at the application requirements for UHM/KCC? they don't have wait lists so admission is based purely on how good your grades/scores are rather than how many times you've applied.