University of Hawaii-MEPN PROGRAM...anyone heard about it?

  1. I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is tough but would like some feedback on the MEPN program itself.

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  3. by   kurume830
    hello starangel2. i am applying for this program this fall too. best of luck!
  4. by   woot544
    Hi! Just wanting to know, did you guys get into the program? How competitive was it?
  5. by   starangel2
    Hey Propective Nursing Students,
    I found out I got into the MEPN program and the BSN but unfortunately, I had to turn down the MEPN. I've decided to go with the traditional BSN. For those in the MEPN, good luck! I don't really know anyone in the MEPN but hope you share your experiences with us.
  6. by   kauainurse
    Is it classroom based or online
  7. by   starangel2
    BSN is classroom based. MEPN is both first year is classroom and when you transition to Master's specialty, then it's both online and classroom based. Are u thinking about it?
  8. by   AjBob
    Hey all, I'm applying this 2010,

    Any tips or thoughts after a year? How many applied last year? And how many were accepted? When did you find out if you got an interview? Any suggestion for the interview?

    I got my BA in a different subject from UHM and a Really want to attend thier MEPN prog., so any advice or information is welcomed.

  9. by   LindsayPaige
    Aloha AjBob,

    I too have applied for the Fall 2010 MEPN program. I have heard that the first part of the program costs are running around $100,000. I couldn't believe it.

    I'm crossing my fingers for a letter ofr interview in March. The best of luck to you.
  10. by   AjBob
    How'd you get that number? I got. $121,986 for the whole program, Ped NP, using the tuition list for next year.
  11. by   LindsayPaige
    I saw some private posts and the person said they had payed that just for the first part of the program. I am calling tomorrow to double check and make sure of the real cost of everything. I thought that was a bit too high for the first part of the program. I also read that they were having a hard time finding jobs after taking the NCLEX because they didn't have degrees (BSN) while doing the NP portion.
  12. by   AjBob
    That cost is not right for one year, unless you need like 50,000 for live! But let me know what you find out please.

    And I wouldn't worry about finding work, it prob is hard as HI is small, but if your not picky for the two years... It would cost but you can ensure work exsp by volunteering

    Good luck!

    Ps- what spec?
  13. by   blahblah56
    does anyone know how many applicants applied to the mepn program this past period?
  14. by   AjBob
    I called to ask and got voicemail, however I will let you know if they reply!